Warmer Weather Brings Ant Arrivals

An increase in temperatures and spring rains can bring ants marching right into your home. Searching for sweets, meats, starches, and liquids, they love to take their delicious finds back to their outdoor colony through tiny cracks around windows or under doors. Here are a few helpful tips to prevent an ant invasion in and around your home.

What you can do indoors

  1. Keep floors, eating areas and cabinet tops clean.
  2. Empty and clean your appliances and clean trash containers regularly.
  3. Seal and store food that is attractive to ants in your refrigerator.
  4. Remove the scent trails that ants have deposited with a wet sponge.


  1. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight
  2. Don’t leave any pet food sitting out.

What you can do outdoors

  1. Eliminate as much moisture as possible. Fix leaky roofs and pipes and make sure gutters and downspouts direct rain away from your home.
  2. Clean and remove food residue from your grill, outdoor tables, deck, and patio.
  3. Close all gaps, cracks, and holes where ants are able to gain access through your home’s exterior. Pay close attention to window frame cracks and areas where wires and pipes enter the house.


  1. Don’t allow tree limbs to touch your house. (Ants can use these branches as a bridge into your home.)
  2. Don’t leave mulch, landscape materials, firewood, or debris near your home’s foundation.
  3. Don’t leave tree stumps or fallen tree limbs in your yard for ants to take up residence inside.
  4. Don’t leave pet food bowls and garbage cans outside.

Identification is the key to control
There are nearly 16,000 ant species and subspecies of ants worldwide, but only a few hundred ant species are found in the United States. Correct identification is necessary for ant prevention and control because different species have different behaviors, habits, nest locations, and preferred foods. If you are having a problem with ants, you may want to enlist the assistance of pest management professionals who are knowledgeable about the multiple types of ant species and the best course of action to apply to each species.

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