This Season’s Most Pesky Bugs: Ants, Centipedes, Flies, and Mosquitos

/This Season’s Most Pesky Bugs: Ants, Centipedes, Flies, and Mosquitos

This Season’s Most Pesky Bugs: Ants, Centipedes, Flies, and Mosquitos

You may think that with summer winding down and fall just around the corner that you can stop worrying about insect infestations, but ants, centipedes, flies, and mosquitoesare still out in full force. Keep your eye out for signs of infestations from these pesky bugs, follow a few preventative measures, and call Truly Nolen if you are faced with a pest control problem.


Ants are likely entering your home on their search for food, water, and protection from the elements and predators. If you see ants crawling around your home be sure to wipe down the areas where you find them with a regular kitchen cleaner to erase their scent trails. Be sure to regularly remove all garbage from your home and make sure no food is left sitting in your garbage disposal.


Centipedes consume cockroaches and other pests, but they are still not a welcome guest for most homeowners. Elimination of centipedes’ wet habitats (damp areas in your home, compost piles, mulch, and rotting wood) will likely discourage their entrance into your home. Pay close attention to common entry points like garage and basement doors, windows, and crawl space vents.


Regularly seeing a large number of flies buzzing around your garbage cans can signal a larger problem. Look for pooled water around your property (waterlogged plants; clogged gutters; and abandoned tires, toys, or machinery. Other indicators of fly infestations are small (pinhead-sized), dark clusters of spots in light fittings and on upper areas of rooms and wall surfaces. Regularly empty and clean interior and exterior trash containers and be sure to clean up any spills in or around your home to prevent fly infestations.


Mosquitos love warm, wet conditions which means they will still be active in our area for a few more months. Be sure to eliminate any stagnant water left behind after heavy rains and avoid overwatering your outdoor plants. Clearing your yard of debris and weeds, keeping your grass mowed short, and checking your sprinkler systems for leaks are other ways to prevent mosquitos from thriving on your premises.

Truly Nolen’s Four Seasons Pest Control Program

The best way to get rid of ants, centipedes, flies, and mosquitos in your home is to partner with the pest management professionals at Truly Nolen Atlantato identify the exact type of pest entering your home and create a customized service plan. Based on seasonal changes in pest behavior, Truly Nolen’s proactive Four Seasons Pest Control programuses the most advanced application methods, materials, and exclusion to target your pest issues. At Truly Nolen Atlanta, we know insects and rodents have their place, but they don’t belong in your home! Let us protect you, your family, and your home with our Four Seasons Pest Control program. Request afree quoteor contact ustoday.

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