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Stink Bugs

The brown marmorated stink bug is native to Japan, China, and Korea. It was accidentally imported from northeast Asia to the United States (where it has no natural predators) via shipping containers in the late 1990s.

Stinky but Harmless

Stink bugs are not harmful to humans, animals, or your home. They don’t bite, sting, or carry any known diseases—but they can be frustrating to deal with. They possess a gland which creates a stinking liquid and when they are alarmed or squished they can eject this liquid several inches from their abdomen or use it to coat their own bodies. The resulting smell is something similar to the smell of a skunk or dirty socks—yuck!

Unwelcome Overwintering Guests

As outdoor temperatures drop, many unwelcome guests may try to enter your home, including stink bugs. They like to migrate indoors in the fall and then hibernate in your cozy home all winter beforeemerging in the spring. While they tend to emit their unique scent when they are bothered or attacked, they also use their scent to alert all their friends when they have found a suitable environment for overwintering.

Preventative Measures

Prevent your stink bug invasion before it starts by taking a few preventative measures today! Seal all the cracks and other openings around your home’s screens, door jams, roofs, walls, and windows to prevent the pests from sneaking in. Look closely for tiny crevices because if there is an opening they will find it! In addition to caulking spaces that lead into your home, you should also apply weather-stripping around windows and doors. To get rid of any stink bugs that may have already made their way into your home, it is advised that you not crush them, instead you should flush them or vacuum them (then immediately throw out the vacuum bag or clean out the vacuum canister to avoid the bugs’ odor).

Call on the Professionals at Truly Nolen

While there are some personal pest control measures that can be undertaken to remedy the situation, working with the trained professionals at Truly Nolen can solve your stink bug problem more quickly and thoroughly. If you are faced with aninfestation, you should contact our professional pest control company to handle yoursituation before it becomes worse. Most likely, if you see them, you already have a problem. Contact us to get your free estimate or schedule your free inspection today!

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