Red Imported Fire Ant Season

/Red Imported Fire Ant Season

Red Imported Fire Ant Season

You may be noticing a surge in red imported fire ants (RIFAs), Solenopsis invicta, around your property. This is because we are currently right in the middle of their mating season. The nuptial flights of alates (winged ants) occur during the warmer seasons of the year (spring and summer), usually two days after a rain. During this flight, virgin queens mate with males, before landing to build a new mound and start a new colony. Their mounds can cause damage to lawns and lawn equipment and heavy infestations can damage electrical wiring due to ants chewing on the wires. RIFAs are extremely aggressive and dangerous to humans, pets, and ground nesting birds. They and will repeatedly sting and inject venom while latched onto their victims with their mandibles. These stings can cause painful, itchy pustules which can become infected if not cared for properly and can cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

Invasive Species

RIFAs have been invading the Southern United States since their introduction from South America in the late 1930s in soil used as ship ballast. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service now “enforces a federal quarantine and regulates interstate movement of items that could harbor fire ants, such as nursery items, sod, hay, straw and equipment that is used to move soil.”

Red Imported Fire Ant Management

Without proper training and tools, trying to eliminate RIFAs on your property can be extremely difficult. Plus, improper treatment can allow an infestation to continue to grow. If you notice RIFAs on your property, you should contact the licensed pest professionals at Truly Nolen right away. We will properly identify the ant species, find likely entry points, and determine an effective course of treatment. We will also take into account the degree and location of your RIFA infestation when determining the details of your personal integrated pest management plan.

Trust the Best—Truly Nolen

Our technicians have proper training, tools, and techniques to safely eliminate your fire ant infestation. We can also enroll you in an ongoing pest control program specifically designed to treat and monitor for fire ants. If there is a problem with any part of your service, Truly Nolen will continue to service your property at no extra charge until you are completely satisfied. If you are experiencing a red imported fire ant infestation or any other pest problems, contact us today!

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