Protect Your Home and Family from Mosquitos This Summer

/Protect Your Home and Family from Mosquitos This Summer

Protect Your Home and Family from Mosquitos This Summer

Summer is here and so are those flying pests—mosquitos! Mosquitos not only deliver bites that lead to itchy skin, they are also carriers of several deadly diseases including West Nile, Zika, malaria, chikungunya, meningitis, and various forms of encephalitis. (There is currently no evidence that COVID-19, a respiratory disease, is spread through mosquito bites.) To protect your home and family from mosquitos this summer, here are some tips from your mosquito control team at Truly Nolen Atlanta.


Breeding Site Identification and Elimination

While mosquitoes live in a variety of habitats, they love standing water (as little as a tablespoon) and moist soil for laying their eggs. Eliminating larvae is much more efficient than trying to kill adult mosquitoes, so it is crucial to identify and eliminate any areas of standing water around your home. Store containers upside down to prevent water collection, empty and refill bird baths weekly, and fill tree holes with sand. Check your home’s gutters and under eaves, porches, decks, gazebos, and other shade structures. Don’t miss other overlooked spots such as sprinkler heads, accent decor, and shady areas.


Personal Repellents and Defensive Dressing

Use personal insect repellents that have been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. These repellents have been reviewed and approved to pose minimal risk when used properly. DEET, Picaridan, and oil of lemon eucalyptus are some of the most effective ingredients, but there are a variety of other personal insect repellent options. Reapply every two hours for maximum, uninterrupted protection. Protect yourself by also wearing clothing made of tightly woven materials, which are difficult for mosquitos to bite through.


Partner with the Professionals at Truly Nolen

Not all pest control companies can provide widespread mosquito control, but Truly Nolen Atlanta offers a 5-Step solution for mosquito protection.

  1. Inspection: Our process begins with a customer interview, followed by a thorough visual inspection of the entire property for proper pest identification and determination of a course of action.
  2. Resting Sites: Our technician will then use a power sprayer or backpack mister to treat protected vertical and inverted surfaces of dense vegetation up to a height of 6 feet. We also treat the perimeter up to 50 feet away from the structure.
  3. Post Bite Sites: We will then address and treat post bite sites within 10 feet of the bite zone and up to 3 feet from ground level focusing around doors and windows, common places where mosquitoes rest after a blood meal as they prepare to lay eggs.
  4. Moisture Control: We apply a small amount of granular larvicide to areas where moisture collects and mosquitoes lay eggs, examples include tree holes, potted plants and sprinkler heads. We also treat suspected breeding sites like ponds, ditches and fountains.
  5. Programmable Misting Machine: As an optional step or depending on pest pressure we can install a programmable misting machine to eliminate adult flying insects from around the home.


Protect Your Family from Mosquitos This Summer: Trust Truly Nolen Atlanta

Protect your family and your pets (mosquitoes can also infect your pets with heart worms and other diseases) with mosquito protection from Truly Nolen. The knowledgeable pest professionals at Truly Nolen can properly identify your current and potential pest problems and establish a plan suited specifically to your home’s circumstances. We offer free inspections—if you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will continue to service your home at no extra charge or offer you your money back for your last scheduled service. Call us at (678) 827-2847 to make an appointment or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection today!


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