Prepare Your Home and Business for March Mosquitos

/Prepare Your Home and Business for March Mosquitos

Prepare Your Home and Business for March Mosquitos

You may think you won’t be bothered by mosquitoes until closer to the summer season, but when temperatures begin to consistently stay above 50 degrees, dormant mosquitoes become active again. Truly Nolen Atlanta is here to help you protect your home and business from the these pesky, disease-carrying pests.



Our process begins with a customer interview, followed by a thorough visual inspection of the entire property for proper pest identification and determination of a course of action. During the inspection process, a Truly Nolen Atlanta technician will pay close attention to areas of high moisture (tree wells/holes, flowerbeds, plant catch plates, rock holes, gutters, sprinkler heads, and shady areas) and stagnant water (uncirculated lakes, ponds, fountains, and retention basins). While mosquitoes live in a variety of habitats, they love standing water and moist soil for laying their eggs.


Residential and Commercial Action Plan

  1. Resting Sites: Our technician will then use a power sprayer or backpack mister to treat resting sites (vertical or inverted surfaces protected from the wind such as a patio area and under building eaves) with a pyrethrum product applied in a fine droplet pattern.
  2. Post Bite Sites: We will then address and treat post bite sites within 10 feet of the bite zone and up to 3 feet from ground level focusing around doors and windows, common places where mosquitoes rest after a blood meal as they prepare to lay eggs.
  3. Moisture Area Treatment Options: We offer 3 unique options for areas of standing water and suspected breeding sites (including, but not limited to: tree holes, potted plants, sprinkler heads, ponds, ditches, and fountains) that may be rotated to ensure the program’s success.
  4. Programmable Timed Misting Machines: As an optional step or depending on pest pressure we can install a programmable misting machine to eliminate adult flying insects from around your home or business. This device emits a measured amount of a non-residual pyrethrum based product (knock down aerosol) into the environment at specific, pre-programmed times to eliminate adult insects in the environment.


Trust Truly for All of Your Pest Control Needs

At Truly Nolen Atlanta we can help you with your mosquito control and we also offer an array of additional pest control treatment options, all performed by highly trained technicians, using innovative equipment and long-lasting products. If you need a thorough, reliable, and convenient pest control company—trust Truly! Call us today at 678.827.2847 or request a free estimate online today!


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