Georgia’s Pesky and Stinging Summertime Pests

/Georgia’s Pesky and Stinging Summertime Pests

Georgia’s Pesky and Stinging Summertime Pests

In our steamy southeast climate, summertime means insects are everywhere! From annoying to dangerous, these pesky and stinging pests can quickly ruin an outdoor outing. They can also enter your home on their own, on you, or on your pets. Truly Nolen wants you to know what pests to look out for, how to prevent them from ruining your summer, and when to give us a call.


Pesky Insects:

  • Mosquitoes:Hot, humid summer days provide the perfect conditions for mosquito feeding and breeding. Be sure to immediately eliminate any standing water on your property as soon as you notice it.
  • Flies:Anyone who’s eaten a meal outside knows that flies are abundant in the summer. Immediately clean up any spills and pay special attention to cleaning pet food dishes and garbage cans.
  • Ants:Everyone’s least favorite picnic guest is out in full force during the summer months seeking food for the colony’s reserves. Just like flies, ants are drawn to food debris and spills.
  • Termites: Termite queens are busy laying up to 30,000 eggs a day during the summer months, so even if you only see a few, you can bet their swarm is growing.
  • Fleas:Pets who adventure outdoors often bring back fleas if they have not received adequate flea treatments.
  • Ticks:Ticks bite and spread disease among animals and humans, especially during the summer months when everyone is spending more time outdoors. Be sure to carefully inspect yourself and your pets after spending any time outside.


Stinging Insects:

Georgia summers always mean an increase in stinging insect activity. The wasps most commonly encountered in our state are yellow jackets, paper wasps, andhornets.

  • Yellow Jackets:Yellow jackets vary in their appearance, aggressiveness, and habits, but are generally considered very aggressive. They are often found near garbage cans, picnic areas, and discarded beverage containers. They will attack as a group if their nest (often found in tree hollows, attics, and crawl spaces) is threatened.
  • Paper Wasps:Paper wasps vary in their appearance, aggressiveness, and habits, but are generally solitary and not considered to be very aggressive, though they will attack and sting if threatened or provoked. Paper wasps get their name because they chew wood and combine it with bodily secretions to build their nest, often in attics, on the undersides of porches, in hollow fence posts, and on window and door frames.
  • Hornets: Georgiais home to the common Bald Face Hornet and the European Hornet. Bald Face Hornets are more likely to build their nests in the open whereas European Hornets build their nests on the side of trees, inside hollow trees/logs, and around rocks. They are both very defensive of their nests.


Enjoy Your Summer—Free of Pesky and Stinging Pests! Call Truly Nolen Today!

Whether you are being bothered by pesky or stinging insects, the professional team at Truly Nolen Atlanta can help you enjoy your summer by eliminating any pests on your property. Contact us today to get a free estimate or schedule a free inspection!



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