Fire Ants

Fire ants are relatively small (1/8” – 3/8”) but they can be deadly. Extremely active and aggressive, a single fire ant can deliver multiple painful stings, but when multiple fire ants attack (they can live in colonies with up to 250,000 other workers), they are able to kill cattle and other large animals.

Food Sources
Fire ants primarily feed on living insects and dead animals, but they are drawn to fats and sweet foods. Be sure all spills are quickly wiped up, all food is stored tightly, and any standing water is eliminated; paying close attention to pet food, water bowls, and trashcans.

Typically, fire ants nest in grassy soil or at the base of trees or shrubs. They also like to build their nest mounds in the loose earth near structural foundations. They will then enter the building through doors, windows, and cracks in search of food and water, foraging along walls and baseboards, and frequently under carpets. In an effort to prevent or reduce fire ant infiltrations in your home or business, check and seal gaps around all doors and windows.

Trust Truly Nolen
If fire ants are present on your property, contact Truly Nolen to remove the pests and eliminate the likelihood of future infestations. We offer either a one-time service or a quarterly, ongoing pest control and monitoring program designed to attack the colony and suppress ant egg production. A Truly Nolen technician will identify the type of infestation plaguing your home or business and determine the best course of action during their visual inspection. They will then discuss their findings with you and perform the necessary treatment program. After completing all steps of the treatment, the technician will share any present sanitation issues that could encourage ant activity. They will also inform the client of what to expect based on the intensive treatment performed and what follow-up is needed to ensure that the pest management program is successful.

The Truly Nolen Guarantee
At Truly Nolen we stand behind all of our work and we guarantee that every customer is always satisfied! Should a pest issue persist between routine service intervals, we provide complimentary callbacks and a quick response time. Don’t let fire ants take over your home or business. Call Truly Nolen today or fill out a form on our website to receive a free estimate.

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