Exclusion: The First Line of Defense

/Exclusion: The First Line of Defense

Exclusion: The First Line of Defense

Pest exclusion is the vital first line of defense in commercial and residential pest control. A pest control plan with a heavy emphasis on exclusion methods can reduce the need for traps and chemical applications. When you partner with the professional team at Truly Nolen Atlanta you can be sure that your home or business is fully inspected for any possible pest entry points. Our exclusion methods will then be integrated to block pests from entering your property. Every hole and crack will be sealed with special attention paid to garbage chutes, drains, and foundation cracks in commercial properties and unique problems like worn weather-stripping addressed in residential properties.

Exterior: Create a Buffer Zone

Your home or business should also have a “buffer zone” a two-foot perimeter around your property completely free of organic material. Weeds, grass, mulch, fallen leaves, compost, and bark can provide food and shelter for a vast range of pests. Trim limbs, branches, and shrubbery back at least two feet from the property’s exterior and store firewood and waste containers at least 20 feet away.

Interior: Keep it Clean

You can also take steps to prevent pests from infesting your property’s interior by eliminating their potential food sources (seal pantry products in plastic bags or containers, store any sweets and fruits in the refrigerator or in sealed bags or containers, and remove pet food from bowls except during mealtimes.) You should also clean counters and tables after eating, vacuum and clean floors regularly, and avoid leaving a sink full of dishes for any extended period, especially overnight.

Protect Your Home with Truly Nolens Four Seasons Pest Control Program

At Truly Nolen Atlanta, we know insects and rodents have their place, but they dont belong in your home! Truly Nolens proactive Four Seasons Pest Control program uses the most advanced application methods, materials, and exclusion to target your pest issues. The knowledgeable pest professionals at Truly Nolen can properly identify your current and potential pest problems and establish a plan suited specifically to your circumstances. We are part of a national network of pest control experts, but we are very familiar with local pest trends in the Atlanta community. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is safe for pets and we work hard to minimize our impact on the environment. We offer free inspections and a 100% money back guarantee—if you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will continue service at no extra charge or offer you your money back for your last scheduled service. Call 678–827-2847 or contact us online today to schedule a free inspection, receive a free estimate, or ask us any question you may have.

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