Don’t Let Yellow Jackets Overwinter in Your Home

/Don’t Let Yellow Jackets Overwinter in Your Home

Don’t Let Yellow Jackets Overwinter in Your Home

Are you preparing your home for colder weather? Maybe you have sealed drafty areas, cleaned your gutters, and updated your home’s heating system—but have you checked inside and around your home for uninvited guests? Yellow jacket queens may be hiding in or near your home. If they are not removed, they will hibernate through the winter and emerge to build new nests in the coming spring. These nests can then result in an enormous yellow jacket infestation on your property, since a single queen can lay about 25,000 eggs!

Yellow Jacket Nests

Yellow jackets will build their complicated nests in your home’s attic, crawl spaces, gutters, and under porches and siding, as well as in nearby hollow logs, tree cavities, and brush, compost, and firewoodpiles.They will use whatever materials they can find, including insulation and sheet rock.

Yellow Jacket Queens

Queens emerge in late spring or early summer. She selects her nest site, build a small paper nest, and begins laying eggs. She will remain inside the nest laying her eggs until her death in the autumn. In late summer, when the nest reaches peak size, newqueens are produced. After mating, the fertilized queens seek protected places to overwinter and in the spring the cycle is repeated.

Don’t DIY

Many homeowners choose to opt for do-it-yourself treatments when they really should trust a professional pest control company, because yellow jacket populations are extremely aggressive. If you see a point where you believe yellow jackets are entering your home, don’t simply seal this point with caulk. The yellow jackets will be trapped inside the walls of your home and will find another way out—leading to a house full of bees! If you see these entry points or if you see wet spots on your walls and ceilings, you might have yellow jackets preparing to hibernate with you this winter.

Trust Truly Nolen

If you think you have a problem with yellow jackets or you see a nest on your property, you may become anxious about the safety of your family, pets and property. However, it is important to remain calm and don’t try to kill wasps or eliminate their nests yourself! We understand your concerns and our professional Truly Nolen technicians are ready to assist at a moment’s notice. Don’t try any DIY remedies—Truly Nolen technicians are thoroughly trained to handle these situations!

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